Completion of our project Fissler in Neubrücke/Germany

29.05.2020 / Completion of our project Fissler in Neubrücke/Germany

With the successful blower door test is our Fissler project completed!

The new production with warehouse and affiliated offices for technology and incoming goods as well as the technical buildings were completed last year. The new tool shop and the training workshop have now passed the final blower door test on May 7th, 2020. The new offices with canteen in the existing building were completed at the end of May and will be used from early June.

Simply explained: in order to avoid unwanted energy loss, the airtightness of a new building will be checked in a blower door test. Speaking of energy saving, the new Fissler production building uses only nearly half the heating energy for a normal industrial building of the same size. Congratulations and thanks for your trust!