Our Daily Business: Factory planning over a Distance of 9,000 km


Together with our customer, Niehoff from Schwabach, we planned a 11,500 m² production facility for their subsidiary in Changzhou, China.

The distance of about 9,000 km between Germany and China is part of our day-to-day business.
MPS Managing Director Clemens Vyzina explains: "Only a handful of meetings in Germany and two in China were needed to develop the complex building. After just a few weeks, detailed preliminary designs and a comprehensive technical specifications could already be handed to the local planner in China. Now our MPS office in Shanghai supervises the further planning, tendering and awarding process. In this way we ensure for our customers that all requirements are met - those of the headquarters in Schwabach and those of the Chinese branch. "

As the photo shows, the ground-breaking ceremony took place in the traditional way, just a few weeks ago. The implementation started and is accompanied by MPS employees in China.

Picture Source: Niehoff