Start of construction in Malaysia: a new Leuze plant is being built


Founded in 1963 in Owen/Teck (Baden-Württemberg), Leuze is a worldwide leading sensor expert in automation technology. In December 2019, MPS Bauplanung GmbH consulted Leuze in the design stage for a new plant in Malaysia. 

After the planning process has been completed, MPS continues to supervise the tendering and sampling processes and provides support in the implementation of the project.

Despite the pandemic, the planning work went smoothly in 2020. After the pile foundation, the construction company was commissioned at the end of December. The site setup is now completed and the building construction work can begin.

It is worth taking a look at the Malaysian style of piling: other than our projects in China, the piles are pressed into the ground and cut off at the top.

We are proud to contribute to this construction project. Thank you very much for your trust.

picture source: Leuze electronic